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  • Brand with Pam Award-Winning Literacy Initiative
  • Brand with Pam Award-Winning Literacy Initiative

Yes, I’m a parent.

And so I can identify with other parents. From pre-school education through high school and everything in-between and beyond, I’ve been there.

The Award-winning financial literacy initiative underscores my passion for educational marketing as I understand it from a personal perspective. The “Live Large and In Charge” initiative included marketing materials and promotion of 7 Financial Reality Fairs and a partnership with 4 high schools that include in-school branches and interns. See more of our work with Sikorsky Credit Union.

Educational Marketing Experience includes brand identity, view books, annual reports, mailers, invites, posters, flyers, promotional items, folders, brochures, recruitment tools, websites, digital ad campaigns, social media campaigns, educational curriculum programs, event marketing, annual fund initiatives, publications …

and surviving parenthood in general (so far).